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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Time and Time Again

Intense times when Dominic plays cards, full-on, focused, and fierce.

Sorrowful times, like when Daddy was in Belize.

And a time for celebration when he returned!

There are also times to try new things, like a very first hair-do for Miss E.  It was a bit of a challenge getting her to endure the process, but she looks fabulous.

And there is always a time for these girls to Zumba.

And time for this guy to get into his Mock Trial work.

But Mr. Drama never thinks there is a time for math.

And Gabriel is extremely disciplined with his time.

And as the baby Ari thinks life is just about having a good time....

But while God changes the times and seasons, He never changes.  This comforts me so much when I can barely wrap my head around what is happening around and within me.  He knows....pretty much everything....and that is enough.  Just in the last couple weeks Antonio has had a bunch o'seizures, we found out we are going to Disney World next week for Esther's Make-a-Wish trip, we have four kids with hospital appointments this week, and everything is lining up for Esther's surgery Feb. 12th.  I am blown away by the community of awesomeness that is the body of Christ here.  The timing of the outpouring of love to our family could not have been better. Meals, rides, help of all kinds....I'm overwhelmed.  My God does supply all my needs, and it's even more obvious when I'm at my neediest.  

The very One who took such time and care to knit us into existence is not hurried or worried by where we are in our journey toward Christ-likeness.  The Eternal One sees differently than we do, and the moments we judge as "not our best" may very well be the ones that are producing the most spiritual fruit.  Harvest time is coming, sowing does lead to reaping, and times of refreshment are always available for the heavy-laden.  For such a time as this we can say "thank you" even if we don't understand it all.  One day He will flip over the tapestry of our lives and show us the beautiful 
behind-the-scenes design He was weaving. The threads of His mercy and grace will be more beautiful than any color we have seen yet and time will be no more.  Until then, we can trust our lives with the Ancient of Days.