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Monday, December 17, 2012


Long time no bloggy I know.  Ever since I got back from Uganda sleep has been challenging for me.  (although it obviously comes easy for my Dad and Ari)  Esther doesn't sleep all night and I already have a Princess and the Pea without going into all the details let's just say long periods of no sleep affect me in a very negative way.

With some good meds and some significant lifestyle changes though I am back on track. (dramatically falling on your butt can be just the thing God uses to provoke a change in our lives!  Sometimes I hear the still small voice....but sometimes I need what C.S. Lewis called the "megaphone" of pain) 

We are gearing up for a hospital marathon next year for Miss Esther.  We got clarity on what path to take for the very large AVM that is right on her brain stem.  We will be doing a series of embolizations followed by radiation after we were told that her risk of death right now outweighed the risk of complications from the procedures.  Thanks to Blessing I already have the perfect anesthesiologist picked out!  

Today we went to court and did our re-adopt.  Esther is now officially a Groothuis!!!  (although the last name the orphanage gave her "Kukiriza" which means "Faith" was pretty cool too)  She has a middle name now as well "Favor" which is all over her life.  Thank you again to all the people who prayed and advocated for her over the years.  The judge was moved today by her story.  I am still moved by her.  Then again, I marvel at the miracle of every life.  I still sneak in at night and watch my teenagers sleep in heavenly peace.  And it's not because I'm jealous of their ability to do it so's because each one of them is a unique miracle and I am in awe of the One who never runs out of ideas.