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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walk this way

We have a new homeschool rhythm this year.  It involves a lot of outdoor play in the mornings because the weather has been gorgeous (notice the two big boys are missing because they decided to turn into men and get jobs and take college classes).....

And the kids know what I really value and will make provocative statements like, "We should really just work on our relationships and play games today."  

And because little Miss E and Ari take such great power naps in the afternoon, we can use that down time to be a bit more school-ish.

And potty-training counts as a subject right?!

Physical therapy hooked Esther up with a contraption to help her build her stamina and strength.

And I am not sure why this is, but Esther laughs and smiles a ton when she is laying down.  I don't know if it's because she doesn't have to work so hard or she can see or focus better or what, but I love thinking about how when I lay down and rest on the inside I can better focus on the face of my King Jesus and smiling flows freely.  

Because trying to figure out how to homeschool 15 kids of various ages and stages and abilities never really makes sense on paper.  But somehow there is always a strategy that works for the current season.  It's really important in this season that I have shiny nails to look at because listening to 7 little kids sound out phonics readers really stretches my inner ADHD girl.  

But thankfully we mix it up with lots of celebrations.  Like birthdays occur quite frequently.  (one of my kiddos actually called a family with 8 children "smaller-ish")

And proof positive that God uses the weak things of this we headed off to the park today I suddenly realized I had forgotten Solana at home.  She kind of takes after her mom and was sort of flitting around the house in her own little world...

But we finally all made it and through much encouragement Esther walked longer than we had ever seen her go before falling.  She ditched her walker (and her shoes) and gave us a great visual aid of persevering in the course set before us.  We don't have to take someone else's path or try to keep someone else's pace, but as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus He can guide us, keep us focused, and enable us to hear the Spirit say, "This is the way, walk in it."


Karen said...

I love you, Jenny. I love our Heavenly Father who introduced us so many, many years ago and made us family, sisters. Keep running the race, keep the faith, keep walking and striving toward Heaven, towards eternal worship. I love you. Keep Running my friend.

love said...


love you all. seeing esther home and flourishing. love sweet solana flitting about and you forgetting her. and LOVE the analogy of lying down, smiling and resting in Him.

Allyson said...

Beautiful!! Inspiring!! Girl, you keep those nails bright and beautiful, and those precious children happy and thriving. Your family is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us.

Janice Walker said...

Fabulous! All of it!

MamaSparrow said...

Everytime I read your posts it makes me miss you and our park fellowship! Those last few sentences were just what I needed to read,, as I'm struggling to fit "it" all. in everyday with chores, meals, academics and play. I was just bemoaning to Glenn the lack of time to do important things like go to the pool and soak in the sun. Thanks to a certain man child developing an interest in running, I do get to spend many evenings at the park and I even busted my burley out so I could walk with my littles.

Janet said...

Beautiful post! Spoke to me today! Thank you Jesus! Love the picture of your Beautiful Treasures in the previous post! Janet