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Friday, August 3, 2012

Strength and Weakness

Esther made a new sound: "baba."  Not to brag or anything, but I'm thinking about having a bumper sticker made that says, "My kid can string together two different consonants and vowel sounds."  I'm that proud!

Someone else decided to start speaking in paragraphs when I was in Uganda.  Ari is very happy to have me home!

I am pretty good about self-care and making sure I put my own mask on first before trying to help those around me (including everything from making sure I get alone time with God to keeping up on my toe nails for example) but I had my usual sleep deprivation melt-down that occurs whether we adopt or have a biological child where I hear that mocking voice sneer, "How did you ever think you could take care of ANY child when you can barely take care of yourself?" However now I know beyond a shadow of doubt that is NEVER the voice of God, not in tone nor in content, and after I go to bed and get a good night's sleep I wake up a Christian again. And I remember that Jesus really is enough to take care of all of us and His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  

The perfect storm was set up this time by combining my sleep deprivation with Esther having a horrible reaction to a new anti-convulsant med that neurology tried to put her on that absolutely freaked her out.  So thankful for our local pediatrician who quickly agreed with me that we were just going to say no to that one.  So far Esther reminds me of Blessing in that she doesn't respond as expected to anything medical.  Keeps us more dependent on God for sure!  Our pediatrician put her on supplements of various kinds as she has some deficiencies and she is loving every single food we have had.  

And she is definitely loving all the sibling affection and attention!

And when her legs give out, big brother's arms take over and pick her up!

And there are plenty of arms to go around!

So I decided to add a little seat work back to our days.  And everyone was down with art....

But Dominic was less than enthused about math.  Too many stories to tell and pictures to draw to waste time adding and subtracting.....

But addition and subtraction can be really useful when keeping track of everyone at the pool....

Or walking to the park.

Esther enjoyed the sandbox with her sisters.

And speaking of sisters.....Blessing turned 7 today!!!  

And this birthday was a little extra awesome because.....she could EAT!

I love the big and small victories of all 15 of these unique, wonderfully designed gifts from God.

And I love that the heart of this amazing father is turned to his children (and his high maintenance wife!).  There is a safe place for all of us in the arms of our perfect Father who invites us into His embrace and promises to never forsake us.  Even when we're tired and fussy.  He's not intimidated by our weakness, He's drawn to it and offers His strength.  Gotta love Him!  


Raewyn said...

Happy Birthday Blessing - so cool to see you eating cake :-)
My 14yr old was just looking at your photos and commented that it would be cool to have a big family. She is actually No8 or 10!! So obviously we do not have a big family ;-)

Flo said...

Wow. Jenny - we love you meltdowns and all!! Bring it! (And can we just put Esther on the next train to Texas??)

Boog said...

Goodness. So stinking God-honoring awesome! I miss Miss Esther. Please let the Brad & Sebastian Dudes know I miss them as well. Happy Bday Blessing! p.s.- Flo and I have been loving some Danny Silk podcasts

Shannon Thieme said...

Jenny, Thanks for being so authentic about your victories and struggles. You have no idea how much it blesses! Hugs and prayers! ~Shannon