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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eyes on HIM!

A lot of our time recently looks like this.  Esther and Ari hanging on either me or Brad as we maintain a state of consciousness that borders between sleep and awake.  


Before I left for Uganda one of the kids drew this picture to resemble what needed to happen to bring Esther into the the fold.

And today one of the 15 sweetest kids in the world wrote these coupons out for me. I think my favorite is "Free Silence" as my little introverted self lives with a fair amount of noise!

I've appreciated little Ari acting as physiotherapist to Esther and getting her used to unstable surfaces.  The favor on her life became evident again as there was a 6 month wait for all occupational, speech,and physical therapy services.  I got a phone call out of "no where" from our favorite spot asking what our top 5 goals were for her this next year.  I rattled off: potty training, more confidence with walking, a way (probably sign language) to communicate basic needs....and a couple others.  I got a call back a little later saying she was moved to the top of the list for all three services (there were 80 kid ahead of her) and she could be seen for evaluation next week.  YEAH!    

I also "just so happened" to have registered for a conference a long time ago on "integrative health" and when I went last week the opening speaker might as well have been describing Esther. We were told she needed surgery for her strabismus (eyes don't track together) and this vision therapist talked about how 50 percent of kiddos with autism (one of Esther's Big Labels) don't have good binocular vision. (she also mentioned how kids on large amounts of anti-convulsants are more suseptible, as well as those with early sensory, yes!)  One of our South Chicago neighbor's babies has had multiple surgeries to correct her strabismus issues and it still isn't corrected.  Makes sense to me to try every less invasive procedure first to help Little Miss make sense of her world through her eyes.  Helps me to understand why kids on the spectrum of autism rely on other sensory methods to make sense of their world.

I struggled with pride when getting 15 kids color coordinated for a  family photo shoot and they managed to stay clean for around 30 minutes.

My sister fell in love with Esther in about 10 seconds.  She impressed her with her drumming routine.

And her sisters prevent her from escaping into solitary-land and realizing other people can be safe and stimulating!

And when Daddy has MBA classes we swing ourselves happy in the evenings!

And when we approach sensory overload there is always the stroller to make our world smaller and safer!

And Iowa sweet corn is alway delicious...

And the arms of a big brother are available when necessary!

Although they aren't always as enthusiastic about pictures as the girlies...

And are prone to goof-ball behavior....

But some will stand at attention while the littlest ones fall over in protest....

But as long as Daddy and Mommy hang in there all is well.  

God has brought these "invisible people groups" into my life time after time that I have no idea how to help.  Psych ward regulars who are having tactile hallucinations and have dissociative identity disorder (formerly multiple personalities).  Gang-bangers from South Chicago who have trauma like I have no experience with.  Kids who have so many diagnosis and psych meds that in the natural it seems like a "lost cause."  Satanists and those into witchcraft that the darkness seems stronger than the Light of King Jesus.  I have no special degrees or insight that makes me feel like,"Sure, this is easy!"  But I KNOW the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE and He is not freaking out by the freaky-deaky behaviors I have no idea how to help.  

I think He enjoys showing up and showing off when we wave the white flag and say, "Yes Father, I need help here and I have no clue what to do but my eyes are on YOU!"  He provides the strategy, resources, and help at that final hour and we can wave the banner of our Victorious Warrior and say, "Yes, YOU are enough and YOU are our wisdom when we are fresh out of good ideas and human understanding!"  It's good to be in over our heads because we are then forced to look to the Head of all things and to Him who is having all things brought under His feet and say, "My Rock and My Fortress.....TAKE OVER!" and He comes in and rescues us from our own ideas of how things should be and does beyond what we could think or ask for!

Sometimes it looks HUGE....and sometimes it looks like a cognitively impaired 6 year old signing "more" and having one success in the potty.  And we rejoice and thank Him for Redemption, Hope, and Second Chances!


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Lexie said...

love all of this!!
esther is just so beautiful.
love is radiating off of her!

i hope that one day i can be "mama" to a tribe as big and beautiful as yours! and i pray i have the grace to do it as amazing as you!!


Sarah said... is sooooo good to be over our heads and know that He is the only one who can rescue us, deliver us and teach us His ways!!!