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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dance of the Home Stretch

Esther woke up singing her one and only song!  While I know very limited Lugandan phrases ("En sali lako" has been handy when negotiating prices which means "reduce for me") these lyrics are ingrained in my brain from Esther:

Yesu Ali wano  (Jesus is here)
Ali wano bukedde (he is here in the morning)
Ali wano mu tuntu (he is here at noon)
Ali wano buwungera (he is here at dawn)

I believe the reason her spirit still sings has a lot to do with Daniel, who we keep having over for "one last" good-bye!  He is going to come to the airport with us.  He promised not to cry but I didn't.  

We got to meet another person who has been on Esther's long-term international prayer team.  I love this woman's heart for many reasons, and I am very impressed she can make me a necklace that has ALL my children's names on it.  That's impressive!

The last few God-moves that need to happen today is for the visa to actually get ready in time for us to pick it up on the way to the airport.  (normally takes much longer)  You know how so many movies have those last minute race to the airport kind of scenes?  Yep, my King of Kings doesn't seem to mind giving this drama queen some great scenes in His authorship of my faith.  I am also relying on Him to give wisdom regarding the flight and Esther's health.  

One of the miracles that happened during her last medical episode was that one of her will-be doctor's was on Facebook and we were able to go back and forth through the whole thing and I was able to get instructions on what to do throughout the entire ordeal.  (signs you may have multiple special needs children:  you have your kid's doctors cell phones, face books, and other ways of instant access....)  But I was given a new and limited number of little pills for Esther here in Uganda that have to be rationed to just keep her stable through the big flight.  Dosing is questionable, if her body will even respond in time is questionable, and our rescue meds from home can only be given up to a certain dose.  So while it seems like a big guessing game in the natural, God is the man with a  plan and I'm sure He'll let me in on it on a needs-to-know basis!  I would like to have one night at home with the entire family before going to the hospital.

Around Christmas time we had missionary friends from Mozambique that we had surprised at the airport with a flash mob dance.  I'm so excited to see the rest of my family again that I will probably bust out in some kind of wild display of emotion.  I used to wish I could be less intense, I was afraid of overwhelming people with the "real me"and wasted time wondering "Am I too much of this?" or "Not enough of that"?  Now I'm much more secure that God loves and delights in the diversity of His creation and there is no mold.  There is just the body of Christ, many members, One Head.

James 2 :1 in the Message is a great reminder:

My dear friends, don't let public opinion influence how you live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith.

We've been told to "keep a low profile" at the airports because of all the harassment that has been going on with adoptive parents.  Now Esther is really not a low-profile kind of girl.  She is prone to loud noises when the occasion calls for it, and I have yet to be in public with her when we weren't stared down or interrogated about "what's wrong with her."  But I'm sure we will find a way to live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith even in the midst of airport craziness.  I hope it involves dancing.....


Deb said...

Hope always involves dancing... and outbursts of many kinds. I know a lot of people here who are already romping in the river of life. Prayers surround you... praise God for what he has already done... praise God for divine appointments... he is a God of possibilities... he is with you this very minute... he prepares the way for you... he opens doors... he creates paths and he restores souls. Loving you from a distance!!!

Shauna said...


Sheila W. said...

*sniffing again* happy sniffs~

MamaSparrow said...

I love you! Praying through the final stretch.


Janet said...

I am dancing too a HAPPY DANCE! Yippee Jesus! Queen Easter is going home! O. K. Now I am crying! God really does place the lonely in families! Blessings! Janet