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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make people homesick!

Esther spent most of her Sunday outside the orphanage with us and her beloved Daniel.  And she learned to bang a xylophone!

And did a little drumming.

And while we look a little out of place in our very american special needs stroller on the dirt roads of Uganda....this bad boy really saves our backs and her pretty dresses!

And while Sebastian conquered his former fear of heights and edges and stood on a high wall at church.....

he shows what is probably appropriate caution about mosquitos at night.....

but mom lives on the edge and sleeps net-free because of her princess and the pea sleep complex....

But no one was afraid of the 300 year old tortoise that lives in the yard just a few blocks down from the orphanage.  (lesson:  to make progress you must stick your neck out, and you need to learn to be comfortable in your own shell)

While we are extremely excited to be reunited with the rest of the family, for now we are just along for the ride here in Uganda!  (written ruling is tomorrow!)  

Have a Jesus-infused day conquering fear and discovering new truths about who God really is and how He thinks about you.  We don't change by focusing on our behavior but true change happens when we discover who we already are in Jesus.  (we are dead to sin and alive to God!  The old self has been crucified so there is really no need to try to resurrect it, examine it, endlessly gaze at it, try to improve it etc.)  We are free when the focus is no longer performance but responding to God's passionate, extravagant, outrageous, intense, vibrant love.  (think bold toe-nail polish colors, not pastels as far as the hue of His love....although who am I to say He can't reveal His love to you through a different color scheme.....He is pretty creative after all!)  He loves us as individuals, we're His kids, not numbers in an institution, with hand-picked names and individual personalities that He adores.  

"You can never give another person that which you have found, but you can make him homesick for what you have."   ~Oswald Chambers


Colleen said...

Yes, and amen!
Also, I wore a bright, fuchsia dress to church this morning...I was thinking of you as I tried to rock the bright color like you always purple toenails matched perfectly. :)
Big love,

Ellen said...

You have been ministering to my heart since I first read your blog. Your words point me to God and make me crave the relationship you have with Him and your writing makes me feel that maybe...just maybe...God could fill my life the way He has yours...thank you for starting this blog.