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Monday, July 30, 2012

Esther in Iowa!

I know, I have been a bad blogger!  I have just been enjoying hanging out with the whole family again so much that I totally lost the will to blog.  I have face booked though, so at least some of you know that Esther is doing great!  She is soaking up the attention of her new family and we have been able to do all her medical stuff outpatient which is a huge blessing!

I love waking up to this scene of goodness in the mornings!  Family slumber parties rock!  We have a huge king bed and then the "overflow" bed pushed next to it so our nighttime parenting is pretty easy.

Esther discovered a new favorite food:  blueberries.  Her diapers have reflected this newly beloved food, but her siblings can't stop feeding them to her, even though she is capable of feeding them to herself, they love to help!

We haven't been able to acclimate to the Iowa time zone yet, so early morning trail walks help us get out of the house and avoid waking everyone else up.  It is strange not to be covered in red dirt when we get home.  Reading about foot washing in the Bible seems so much more relevant now.  I love how Jesus never washes His hands of people but stoops down and washes people's feet.  (personally I am more into painting people's toes, but same idea right?!)

Solana loves her Ugandan dress, and Esther loves her All-American diapers.

And she is getting braver at walking all the time!  

Maybe her dancing siblings inspire her to want to get on her feet!

And Ari has enjoyed having a playpen pal.  He calls Esther his "baby" and enjoys his new "big brother" status.  

Esther has enjoyed all the snuggling while we watch the Olympics.

But I should back track and recount the miracles of getting out of the airport!  First we had a teary good-bye with Daniel and our beloved driver.  Then we were interrogated at the airport and I didn't want to surrender our original documents so Sebastian was sent to make copies while they tried to question Esther, get her to stand, and look at a camera for a photo....and she is non-verbal, can't necessarily stand on command, and is not going to make eye contact with a scary camera for a scary man.  So good times.  I took my lap top out and tried to appear that I was doing something top secret and official and we were finally released from the nonsense.  

We had to check our stroller with the luggage which was strange because usually you can bring it right up to the plane.  Then when I saw how far away the plane was from the airport I thought I was going to cry.  Esther was so heavy to carry for that distance and Sebastian was loaded down with carry on luggage.  When it got to the point that I didn't think I could take one more step a big guy from Atlanta who was quite ill with malaria came up and said, "Do y'all need some help?"  He was a special education teacher and he carried Esther the rest of the way.  He was Jesus with skin on to me at that moment.

As soon as we hit the Chicago airport Sebastian tried to corrupt Esther's taste buds and introduce her to the dark side of American culture:  Mc Donald's french fries.  Considering all the help he was to me on the plane, trying our best to keep Esther seizure free and comfortable for the huge journey, I didn't do a good job of motherly protesting.  

And we were incredibly thankful that she basically slept the entire 30 plus hour trip with not a medical or emotional event of any kind.  What a gift!

Esther adores her Daddy and his lap is one of her favorite spots.  Whether at the feet of Jesus, on the lap of your Heavenly Father, or spun around with the joy of the Holy Spirit, I pray you are enjoying your relationship with the Trinity to the fullest today!  


Sarah said...

So glad that you made it home safely! What a blessing to be all together again!

Debbie said...


Raewyn said...

It has been wonderful to share your journey - and so cool to see you at home again and Esther looking like she has been with you forever :-)

Renee Davis Meyer said...

Yay yay yay!! Don't you worry about being a "bad" blogger - live first, blog second! Although you know we're all interested enough you could do a live feed webcam and we'd watch :). Thankful to see Esther at HOME, and I really can't get enough of her with her siblings.

Sherry F said...

Praise love love how He brought her home to her family forever.

Kelly said...

What an incredible journey and story the Lord has written for Esther. Thank you for sharing it.

Debbie said...

Wow thanks for sharing!

DearSister said...

Beautiful ..thank you for your sweet heart

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! So glad you are Home! Janet

Allyson said...

Praising God with you for the reunion of your family and homecoming of Esther!!! Such wonderful news!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAISE GOD for Jesus with skin on!!!! And for an uneventful trip....except mean people interrogating a beautiful young girl!! Well....glad you are home and all her sibs are enjoying their new sister!!!!! Blesses my heart!

Tonya said...

Praise God!!