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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breaking Free!!!!

Esther spent her first night last night....NOT at an orphanage!  In a to her Mom....and slept soundly and peacefully all night long!  

Daniel, her guardian angel for the last 3 years, was with us to make the transition.  Kathy, an anointed jaja (grandma) to many Ugandan children, also "just so happened" to be able to join us.  And we are so thankful to our new friends who graciously opened their home to us to be able to make this move!

Here was Esther at the orphanage at the bottom of a toddler pile up just trying to survive .

I think she will enjoy Ari though, the only 2 year old our house right now!  (although we do have four 7 year olds are they going to go crazy for her!)

Esther woke up singing!

And then enjoyed a leisurely Saturday morning......NOT IN AN ORPHANAGE!!!!!!!!!!

In other good news.....this Jesus-filled village gave me such hope!

Kids were laughing and cared for!

Smiling was in abundance!

It was the difference between knowing you are loved and have a family.....and having the orphan spirit that says, "you are on your own kid."

Sebastian owned the soccer game....probably helped he was twice their size.

Height comes in handy when the ball goes up flying!

And the pastor and his wife of all this goodness, who have adopted a bizillion children, thought nothing of whipping us up a love feast of deliciousness.  

God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.  And we really only have one enemy and he doesn't have a human face.   His generic attempts at killing, stealing, and destroying are no match for our Victorious Warrior who fights for our freedom, life, and joy.  He laughs at His enemies.  He doesn't fix things.....He makes all things NEW!

Esther is spending today enjoying her new life, with a  new friend, with a new identity:  


bzmama said...

I can't read this without crying tears of joy! Congratulations to you all with new little Esther and congratulations Father has heard your desires...enjoy your new family little one! Jesus loves you so very much!

Amanda said...

Praise Jesus :) This is amazing. She is just beautiful & all those other children make my heart swell.

countrymomtx said...

Jenny, I know you will deny this, but I can't help writing it, You really are an angel. Your posts inspire me everyday to look hard at myself and be a better mom and a better person and to walk out my faith and love for God in a deeper and more tangible way.

Shonni said...

Praise the LORD.

Janice Walker said...

Just Love.

The Splendiferous Life said...

Praise God!!!!

Sarah said...


Shauna said...

Wonderful! Just wonderful!

allan said...

Just saw a program (60 minutes) on autistic children and the iPad.;cbsCarousel
You should try and get one for Esther.
It was like a miracle for some of the kids helping them to communicate and learn, made me think of Esther and others adopted with learning difficulties.

allan said...

Here is a better link it links to the tv video I saw.

Tonya said...

Praise God!