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Thursday, June 21, 2012

When you throw a party

Esther has been known to have a lot of seizures around bath time.  However extreme changes in temperature and stress can also trigger seizures....which would characterize bath time at an orphanage.  I would see the frozen fear on her face whenever water started to run, so I turned the faucet on at the guest house and let her watch it for a while.  She usually plops on the floor, but she got curious enough to pull up to the sink and then very cautiously touch the water.  She flinched, pulled away, then tried touching it again.  Then she stuck both hands in and enjoyed this new sensory experience for a good long while. 

A new sensory experience for me has been listening to the chickens in the morning.  Thankfully I am already up because of the very loud 5 a.m. muslim call to prayer.  I have learned to sit up in bed and declare, "JEEEESSUUUUUUUUUS!!!!!" and redeem the hour.

I have to tell the story of this miraculous meeting today.  A group from Florida came to visit the orphanage for the day. And in this group there "just so happened" to be my cousin in Florida's BFF.  And tomorrow they "just so happen" to be visiting another orphanage out of town that has "the boy Esther" that I adore so much who I had been wanting to get some rescue medication to in case he has another status seizure.  They are going to hand deliver it for me!  And he is 10 and about the size of my 10 year old that had the tonic-clonic it's already pre-dosed perfectly.  Because GOD IS AWESOME SAUCE!

We had a bye-bye orphanage party for Esther, with real deal American Candy all the way from Sam's Club in Iowa.  Peanut Nut rolls for the nannies, Skittles for the kids.  I love throwing parties, and Jesus said it's the best when you throw them for the poor.  

This boy was running off to eat his own skittle stash in secret.

And every girl got their own bow headband.  This was the first time I realized some of them were girls as they are usually dressed in boy clothes and with the shaved heads....well, it can be hard to tell.

 There were balls for all the boys, but the girls seemed to get in on that action too!

And we brought a battery operated bubble machine which cranked bubbles out fast and furiously to the delight of the little people who never tired of it.  Maybe part of child-like faith is the ability to delight in simple things!

We got to give special honor to Esther's nanny God-mother who has taken special care of her all these years.  She hasn't stopped crying tears of joy since we've been here.  She prayed a blessing over us and Esther, and although it was in another language, my Spirit said Yes and Amen!

Esther was pretty sleepy during most of her party, so she dozed in her stroller with occasional visits from curious toddlers.

But all the nannies laughed when she would pop her eyes open during "her" special song that they sang for her.  

And I was so surprised when I checked Facebook tonight and saw that my friend from Project Hopeful Carolyn Twietmeyer had posted a photo of herself wearing this EXACT same shirt that I wore to bed last night and was planning on wearing to bed again tonight.  I think we need no further evidence that our HAAM commune will indeed become a reality......

And in other good news.....we have court tomorrow at noon!
Round 2 of the party!!!

Psalm 5:11-12 of The Message:
But you'll welcome us with open arms when we run for cover to you.  Let the party last all night!  Stand guard over our celebration.  You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers, for decking us out in delight.


Bridgette said...

I love your party! amazing! seeing those kiddos make my heart ache for them! xo-

Sherrie said...

It is true...wherever you go...that's where the parties at!

Sherry said...

Love these pics...saw a little sweet guy we great to see Esther so happy.

love said...

oh, jenny! i love those kiddos! i love the God winks about HAAM. i love esther playing in the water. i love the trevor story. seriously love God!!

and you!

will be up at 4am praying.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he.....too funny!


Sarah said...

Looks like an amazing party!!!

Jenny said...

Love, I LOVE your faithfulness in prayer! If I was in my last trimester of a twin pregnancy I am pretty sure the only reason I would be up at 4 a.m. is to go potty.

Anonymous said...

Yes...Glory Glory with hands raised HIGH!!! Let the Party continue!!!! Prayers of JOY! from lisa in MIchigan

sue Bengougam said...

I cried seeing these photographs and knowing that another precious little from Sanyu has a forever home. The water fear struck a cord because I too would get stressed during the evening 'bath' time, I hated the cold water and the rush and no time to wrap them up and cuddle the babies dry, so happy no more of these times for Esther. I hope to return to Sanyu, I love that place because lives change. Thank you for allowing me to share your journey.

Mouseymom said...

Hi! A friend of mine from Burlington, Ia posted a link to your blog today.. as i started reading, I wondered if you were the same Jenny that I met at a Beth Moore conference 7 years ago! I think it was in INDY and your friend Karen Hindt introduced us. I was pregnant with my first child and we were considering the name Solomon for him, and you told me you had a son named Solomon--it sealed the deal. ( you were in some serious pain at this conference as you had forgotten your pump and were sooo engorged!)

Jenny said...

Yes, I am Karen's friend! It was right after that conference that we adopted our first kiddos from Liberia! Glad you love the name "Solomon" too!!