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Monday, June 25, 2012

The upside down kingdom

We visited an orphanage for children with special needs called Ekisa and discovered:  there is no prenatal test to predict awesomeness.

Or the capacity for joy.

And we saw the Kingdom manifest where the least are the greatest.

And everyone has a name and not a number.

And just because you are in your early twenties and have no experience or funding doesn't mean you can't start a God-sized work.

And there's a fine line between teaching and learning.

And there is beauty and blessing in unexpected places.

And childlikeness is a core value.

And love is the foundation of everything.

And the hungry get fed.

And the naked get clothed.

And everyone gets hugged.

And the sick get healed.

Yesterday we went to a church in the slums.  The church is associated with a ministry in the states run by a big name pastor.  If I told you who it was half of you would tell me how much you love him and you probably quote him all the time.  Half of you would tell me how much you can't stand him and may have face booked articles that slam him.  But when I saw a man crawl in on his hands and knees because he was crippled and start to worship Jesus it all seemed so petty.  Can we give people the grace and space to love and serve Jesus however they are called, even if they are wrong about some things?  I've had enough paradigm shifts to know that I am not right about everything and will probably one day be embarrassed by some of the things I think now....but that doesn't mean God can't use me right now in all my incorrectness and imperfections.  

True to African form the place filled up as time went on and the service was much longer than a typical American one.

And instead of before church coffee they served after church tea!  (This is Colleen from Sixty Feet, the ministry that helps the boys in prison.  In addition to being an awesome wife and mom she does things like bathe the sore-filled, wound-filled, filthy bodies of little boys who don't belong where they are)  

Sebastian spent time with the pastor, talking some kind of man talk.  Sebastian really is the man around here now that Brad is gone.  He handles all the paperwork, money, and directions for me while I am discussing really important things like toenail polish colors with the ladies.

Got to visit with this precious guy who had been starved and forced to eat his own feces until he was rescued and brought to Redeemer House.  He has seizures and developmental delays.  Hey, that reminds me of another awesome child I love.....

He also loves to dance, which reminds me of a lot of my children!  Ugandan dancers are amazing!!!

We got stuck in a downpour and traffic, which made for a 5 hour car trip home.  At least we weren't on a boda boda.

May you experience the down pour of Christ's love for you and drink deeply of the fountain that never runs dry!  Live in the Light of His upside Kingdom where you die to live and lose to gain!


Deb said...

Some days pictures say more than any words can. Thank you for speaking God's love into my life through pictures. Love you!

Janice Walker said...

Such a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

This was a lovely post - thank-you so much for sharing this.

This spoke to my heart in so many ways. Your writing is a blessing.

God bless you and yours.

love said...

oh man, oh man! i LOVE that place.

i want to eat jojo through the screen. i adore that picture of you and trevor. i'm so thankful for your words.

praying for you all!!!

Sarah said...

Jenny, I have been following your journey through my sweet friends Mandie Joy, Rachel, and Love, and what a blessing it has been! You and your family and your faith encourage my heart BIG time!!!

It made my day to see this post (I'm playing catch up) as I spent seven months at Ekisa last year. Thank you for loving on them and seeing through Jesus' lenses those precious ones. thank you for giving your heart away to Beatrice (just read that) and to so many and never holding back, for He who first loved us has called and He is faithful, in the pain and the battles, in the joy and victories, to the end. Praying for you sister!