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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Another Miracle

Above is Blessing with Dr. South Africa, who has performed many of her surgeries and procedures.  Her surgical team consists of a Muslim, Jew, and an Athiest.  Dr. South Africa is the atheist and we talk about Jesus every.single.time. I see him.  It's to the point where I consider him a pre-believer.  He is really disgusted by religion but the Hound of Heaven is check-mating him with His relentless love.  We've had some pretty "intense fellowship"over the years of Blessing's care as hard decisions had to be made and we've also hugged and broken down when she nearly died.  The pediatric nurse practioner who works with the surgeons just so happens to go to our church and is one of the youth group leaders (so handy for those "check her port out" or "is that j-tube site weird looking?" Sunday morning 'clinic visits').  Before we even knew him he was Sofia's PICU nurse when we first brought her back from Liberia.  He is buddies with Dr. South Africa so the Jesus-goodness is pretty much inescapable.  Today is Dr. South Africa's 51st birthday.  Pray for the second half of his life to be transformed by Truth who is a Person, not a religion.

 Before we left for Uganda I prayed about what to do about Miss Blessing's feedings.  Although finally able to swallow (only took 4 years and countless trips to the OR....sometimes faith is just patience!) she was having such severe vomiting that we were going to have to resort back to tube feeds.  I got a strategy:  one half cup.  I literally decided to measure one half cup of food for her so she could have the satisfaction of eating what everyone else was but not have her neo-esopahgus/stomach blow up in her chest and cause all sorts of issues.  She could drink cans of pediasure in between to fill out the calories worked.  The whole time we were in Uganda she could swallow everything but never puked.  And she hasn't since we've been back.  This has happened......ummmm.....NEVER before in her life!  Happy oral intake, everything going down and staying down.  Her medical stuff dying down just in time for Miss Esther to get her healing groove on.  Awesome.
Last night a friend came over to attempt to take a family photo.  How do you fit 14 kids on a couch?  I don't know either.

What I do know is that we are flying out next Thursday, June 14th to go back to Uganda to bust Miss Esther out of orphanage life and bring her into the family.  Do you know the universe is always expanding?  God is always creating?  His family keeps getting bigger and is made up of every nation, tribe, and tongue.  Love multiplies, not divides.  Love gives and pours out only to be filled up again from the Fount of Every Blessing who never runs dry.  Gotta love that matchless King and His Kingdom of love, joy, peace, and righteousness!
For those that have asked we only need 3,000 more to be able to purchase our tickets that are on hold for us until tomorrow!  Project Hopeful is the organization that set up the Family in the Gap fund for Esther so long ago.  Check out their website and you can scroll down to see our family bio with Miss Esther.


Tonya said...

Jenny, I am Tonya, Bryce's mom. I just met you at IC in the hall on 3JCP. I found this because someone posted a link and I am glad to read your story, get to know you and pray for you and your precious family.

You can find us on facebook or carepages/ brycelove. Have a blessed everything.


Stephanie Drow said...

Jenny, Here is my couch photo suggestion.
1. Pull the couch away from the wall a bit.
2. Have a row of kids sit atop the back of the couch.
3. Have a row sitting on the couch.
4. Have a row sitting on the floor in front of the couch.
5. Get a wide angle lens. :)

Steph Drow

Anonymous said...

I live in Coralville, 10 min. from UIHC. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to help you when you come to the area to go to the hospital.