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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Behold Esther's new wheels.  This was supposed to take a couple months to custom make and ship.....but some little angel at Project Hopeful took care of this detail for me (and believe me the details involved in pulling this adoption off are impressive.  6 notarized copies of each of our 7 Liberian adoptions?  Really?!) and it miraculously arrived 2 days before we leave.  And it comes in red.  A special needs stroller for a child 50-100 lbs. that will allow us all kinds of mobility freedom.  This bad boy is going to be checked in as luggage but coming home with beautiful Queen Esther Favor riding in her chariot.   

Speaking of red, yesterday was sweet little V's funeral and I made sure to wear red and hot pink flower high heels to celebrate her 3 and half years of joy filled life.  Her mom got up to speak and the power of Christ in her was a force to be reckoned with.  The reality of heaven and all things being made new was a declaration and a celebration.   

That evening we were going to have a birthday party for 4 of our children, and there was some debate about what type of cake to have.  The oldest birthday boy in this group is a cheesecake fanatic and I was compelled by the ease of stopping at Sam's Club to get those little portion controlled cheesecake sample packs.  However Dominic adores chocolate cake but he was the only one who had his heart set on that.  However, as I was about to leave the funeral someone who made "Birthday into Heaven Cakes" for baby V said they had too many and gave me......a chocolate sheet cake complete with frosting and blue sparkles which are Dominic's favorite.  His eye's nearly popped out of his head when I brought it home.  "It's too perfect Mom!  How does God know everything that I like?!"   
Here Dominic is helping me pack for the orphanage.  We fly out tomorrow morning!  I feel the enthusiasm of the Trinity over this whole journey.  I will leave you with this quote to chew on in case you need a chew toy for your mind and heart tonight:

God the Father is a deep root
the Son is the shoot that breaks forth into the world
and the Spirit is that which
spreads beauty and fragrance.
~Tertullian (160-220 AD)

Inhale deeply of that sweet fragrance of Christ and exhale that pure oxygen of heaven!!!  (I will be thinking of this as I suck on the exhaust of so many boda bodas soon in Kampala!)  Thank you again to all of you who have prayed this moment into existence for Miss Esther.  The generosity, outpouring of love and kindness......well, it is on earth as it is in heaven around here!


Bridgit said...

I love those dolls!! We took 300+ of them to Kenya with us in 2008. AWESOME GOD!!!

Elaine said...

Jenny, I'm so glad i found your blog. You are a delight to read. I'll be following your journey. Thanks so much for taking time to journal in this way.

Allyson said...

Joy! -that's what I hear in your words! So happy for you, your family and sweet Esther. Cannot wait to see pictures of everyone together when Esther is finally home.