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Thursday, June 7, 2012

God's Romantic Heart

If you've ever doubted that God is an incurable romantic you have to hear about today.  Remember He is no respecter of persons, we are all His favorites, I share these Jesus kisses to inspire you to receive your own.  When your eyes are open to the invisible Lover of your Soul you will be blown away by the romance.  I am freaking overwhelmed by His tender, intentional, love.

"The plan" was to take 14 kids to the dentist this morning.  First glitch:  Sebastian needs a yellow fever vaccine to travel to Uganda and the only place that gives them to those under 18 is the travel clinic at the University hospital.  First available appointment was June 15th.  We leave June 14th.  Hmmmm.  Got a phone call that there was a cancellation and they could see him this morning.  Right smack dab in the middle of the dentist appointments.  (and she clears her entire morning for our family!)  I get a phone call from a girl I grew up with, our dads were best friends before he died suddenly at the age of 49, and she lives several hours away now but she wanted to know if she and her kids could make the trip and come help us in any way.  So between the 19 kids and 2 vans we found a strategy:  she took half with her back to my house and I took the other half who finished dentist appointments first with me down to the hospital for shots.

While on the interstate I received a phone call that a dear friend from church was about to have to pull her 3 year old daughter off life support at the same hospital I was driving to.  She was airlifted in the night completely unexpectedly and this was a shock to all.  I was at that hospital with Blessing the day her twin had died at birth, and baby V survived but had a serious heart defect.  After a tough road she had survived and was on a heart transplant list.  They had just returned from a Make-a-Wish trip as a family.  I sensed the Prince of Peace in the PICU room as I walked in, the grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins and siblings, sweet mama and daddy, preparing to say good-bye to their angel.  Who might I add was a "special needs" angel.  Developmentally delayed.  Just learned to walk, kind of like Esther, one little wobbly step at a time.

I am going to tangent here, but children like baby V and Esther are considered better off dead by much of our world.  Aborted in utero, in the Netherlands killed up to 3 months after birth, to spare women and I quote "from the onerous demands of motherhood."  A couple in Oregon recently won a million dollar "wrongful birth" suit because their now preschool aged child was not diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero and they would have aborted her had they known.  Our ambulance driver with Blessing last hospital visit, a Christian, was so terrified of having a child with special needs he and his wife wouldn't even attempt to get pregnant.  Overcoming evil with good:  celebrating special needs children.  Like so many did with sweet baby V's life.  She blessed multitudes with her life.  Adopt special needs children.  They don't belong laying in cribs in orphanages, begging on streets, or being ignored or scorned in public.

So after this Holy Moment of remembering sweet baby V's life and how upside down the Kingdom is where the least are greatest and "contribution to society" is not the currency but love is.....I start thinking about the little loves at the orphanage I will be at.  How I SO wanted to buy them headbands with bows and flowers on them.  How insanely jealous the others got when I would dress up Esther.  But then I thought, "No Jenny.  You are fundraising, not buying hair accessories for motherless children."  As if God only cares about our survival and not the dreams in our heart.  And I come home to where my "little" garage sale had exploded into an entire Goodwill in our yard.  It was a loaves and fishes situation, or more like when people kept bringing gifts to Solomon, or Moses, and it was just extravagant.  Off the charts.

It was abundance!  The opposite of the scarcity mentality.  I think that is part of the "too many children in the world" philosophy.  That we lack resources.  So if we kill off the young, weak, old, and lame then there will be plenty for the rest.  When I was in Liberia I saw how there was plenty of rice being donated.  The problem was it was getting stolen off the shipping containers and sold on the streets by the selfish instead of distributed into the bush where it was most needed.  And the problem wasn't "too many people" but that Monrovia was crammed with fearful, traumatized people who had fled from the bush during the war and couldn't be persuaded to go back to their villages.  Fear tends to kill creative thinking and imaging a new life or ways to do things.  So huddle and stay in the refugee camps it was.  But the solution still wouldn't be less people.  Just free thinking people spread out beyond the "safety in numbers" camp.

But per usual I digress.  So a friend shows up with a bag of.....35 head bands with flowers and bling all over them for the sale.  OR NOT!  These are going straight to Uganda baby.  But wait.....she has even more at home she wants to bring.  Because God is that good to freely give me my heart's desire and then some.  More than I could have thought to ask for.  I just wasn't that bold to ask for 70 free beautiful sparkly headbands for orphan girls.  I was too pragmatic, thinking of lawyers fees and plane tickets and whatnot.  Like my Heavenly Dad is a tightwad or something.

Now left to my own devices I would probably still be outside thinking...."pink things here...."  "Maybe circular objects there...."  "things that end in 'ing' can go in that pile"  "perhaps everything made in China can be on that table."  But my childhood friend has the KNACK.  She is a garage sale ANGEL and worked her behind off bringing order to the stuff and making it look......well, like a super-organized Good-will.  I think she may have taken pity on my lack of organizational know how (PROOF that you don't have to be "so organized" to have 15 kids!  You just have to let God resource you and that makes you look good!) because she offered to stay the night and will help me tomorrow when we 'go live' at 8:30 a.m.  Check out the Ugandan necklaces!

Yesterday I had a little girl at the pool swim up to me and ask "Where's Esther?" and then she giggled and swam back under the water laughing.  Coincidence?  Yeah right.  My laugh of the day with God today was when I walked into the hospital and the first thing I saw was a big crew of Amish people. (I was not too tacky when I took this picture.  I pretended I was taking one of my kids and just snuck it on the iPhone)

I was just joking with Carolyn and Lovelyn (two of Esther's biggest earthy advocates) about our dream commune we nicknamed "HAAM" which stands for:  Hot Adoptive Amish Mamas.  We live communally and amish-like, but still with cute hair, clothes, and plenty of make-up.  Our utopia is as follows:  Our children play in the fields while we prepare fresh organically grown produce for them.  The men folk come home and we have our nightly worship fest under the stars until our multi-cultural posse sleeps under the weighty presence of God.

You'll have to contact Carolyn and Lovelyn about drinking this kool-aid because I have no idea how to administrate that kind of thing.  (just kidding.....Carolyn has enough going on with Project Hopeful and Lovelyn is growing twins and holding fundraising drawings for Esther)

Also, if you needed a little extra laugh today, my second born not like my first born son.  (SHOCKER!)  Gabriel is deep, insightful, intense and focused, and absolutely hilarious.  He makes me laugh nearly every day.  A friend from his youth group captured him doing a Jamie Grace lip synch that gets increasingly animated as it goes on.  You will be inspired.

And lastly:  our family on an obviously sagging couch.  LOVE!


Rebekah said...

I seriously smiled through that entire post. Thanks for sharing! What an amazing God!

bzmama said...

That was beautiful Jenny!!! And I love the sagging couch! Thank you for sharing all those ideas and I can't wait to see a picture of those little orphan's with their bows :) Take lots of pictures!!! :) LOVE <3

sandpaperkissesblog said...

You have an amazing family! I really enjoyed reading all your posts. I've always wanted to adopt a child so reading about a family that has adopted children "spoke" to me. I can't wait to hear more.

Raquel said...

I like those sandals

love said...

i LOVE all this. God is totally on board with our HAAM. find me some land & move us, Lord! =)

Matilda Joyce said...

I did too, and thank you for the love letter from God. It was meant for me (among others, I am sure!)

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

I know I used to read the blog and or CB site of the child/family you mentioned but lost it between moves/computer changes. I can't remember exactly how to spell the child's name nor what blog I first found the family on. Any chance you'd be willing to email me more info if you're not comfortable replying? ty! I don't check my google so that's why I'm anon...sorry Kareninaz Karenmkennelly(at)cox(dot)net ty!

Jenny said...

Suzy said...

Awesome post as usual! It's always awesome when God is involved! Absolutely LOVED Gabe's video. So glad I took the time to watch it. Great song and Gabe et. al. did an wonderful job. Made me laugh! Blessings to you and your family.

Pam said...

Hi Jenny,

Praying for your journey and enjoying reading as I can.
I am a friend of L from All Are Precious in His Sight blog, by email. we are adopting 2 little girls from South America and will be traveling within a couple of weeks Lord willing. We have 7 children-3 with special needs.
I am very interested in Praise dance and would like to ask a question if you could contact me at kandpand(at)hotmail(dot)com. I know that you, like me, have a plate full-wonderfully full and understand if the time is not there.
Blessings and prayers,Pam Anderson

sara h. said...

I think, maybe I saw you at TJ Maxx on Sunday? i was too scared to say anything... but if it was you buying the purple suitcases, I first noticed you because you looked so darn cute! You and Lovelyn could totally offer style classes at the commune! :o)

Jenny said...

Sara, We are bringing extra donations for the orphanage and I was totally needing more purple, shiny and cute at TJ Maxx it was!!!! Feel free to approach me in public places and tell me you like my outfit ANY TIME. I am secure enough to handle that sort of thing.....really, any time!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Wow! My friend Ruth introduced me to your blog and I am so very thankful she did. What a heart you have!

"Our children play in the fields while we prepare fresh organically grown produce for them. The men folk come home and we have our nightly worship fest under the stars until our multi-cultural posse sleeps under the weighty presence of God. " And this. LOVE this!

Rikki said...

I somehow missed this post but happened to see it today, right when it means the most to me. Thank you for sharing your walk!

Elaine said...

Gabe's hysterical! The boy's got soul. Natural rhythm.