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Monday, June 4, 2012

Fighting from VICTORY

What's a glory story without a little battle thrown in for good measure?!  This morning Antonio (one of the most spiritually sensitive children I know.  He started praying for the nation of Turkey at age 4 even though it wasn't on our family's radar whatsoever.  He has a passion for the Word and defaults to prayer as a lifestyle)  had a seizure after over a year and a half of none.  The battles around Esther's life have already been huge, so I just had to laugh (because God laughs at His enemies so it felt kind of Biblical to do so) at how generic the enemy is in his lame sauce attempts at intimidation.  That's all you got devil?!  A seizure?!  Well my God is infinitely creative in His ability to take every thing meant for evil and turn it around for good.  Because of the Cross we fight FROM victory and not only is my son going to be blessed through this but so is my daughter.  And probably a lot more people.  Because no weapon formed us prospers, but we get to use it to set others free in the very thing that tried to afflict us.

In other news concerning things that are so easy for God, we are needing a lot of money in a little time to make our second trip to Uganda in 3 weeks to bring baby girl home.  My dear friend Lovelyn has put together an amazing giveaway for anyone who donates to Esther's adoption fund.  The prizes rock.....including the brand new iPad.  See the link here and share:

I'm off to glance at this little post-seizure issue now and GAZE at my JESUS whose beauty outshines everything!!!!!


Ginger said...

Praying for Antonio. May God glorify Himself in your precious boy.

Anonymous said...

i just want you to know I love hearing someone speak from a kingdom perspective, knowing who she is and what her position is in Christ. You have so blessed me and encouraged me as I follow Jesus and am learning to live and parent LIVING my identity from a heavenly position. This makes no sense :) - I'm tired and overwhelmed. THANKS - we are praying for you and your family, your Antonio and your Esther.