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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father of the Fatherless

Daniel, who took Esther under his wing years ago, is quite impressed that we got her to laugh and smile.  "How did you know how to do this?" he asked.  "Because I'm her Mom!"  She is already a whole new kid and can communicate beautifully without words.

We've been listening to the Watoto Children's Choir for years, it's the perfect "Let's get motivated to clean the house" music.  (or maybe it's the promise of a treat afterwards?  Hard to be sure.)  So it was great fun to worship at Watoto this morning with people who know how to get excited about God.  And bonus it was in English.  Our last all-African service was in Iowa....and in Swahili, but we all spoke the international language of music and dance and thanksgiving and praise.  I love how Watoto is sending missionaries to Israel, Sudan, Burundi, and all over the place.  The message was on living a generous life and they also had baby dedications, pre-marriage blessings, and celebrating fathers.  (a rare world-wide commodity)  I could have stayed there all day!
But our lawyer called and there is more paperwork hassle to do.  Brad took the call and went to work on the details while I did my usual drill in times of paperwork overload.....stared at my toenails.  Look at the shiny colors!  So pretty!
Also easy on the eyes is Brad, the World's Best Father.  EVER.  This man is seriously a rock star Dad.  He treats me like the Queen of Sheba and is the most patient, consistent, balanced father I know.  Before I could trust  Jesus the Invisible Lover of My Soul I got to experience a visual aid in Brad of what unconditional love looks like.  He really is all that.
And here is just one of the children blessed enough to call him "Daddy."  
Then I got to hook up with our small town Iowa small church missionary friend.  Because of course we area all in Uganda at the same time. (and her parents gave us a battery operated fan to hand deliver to her before she heads to the north of Uganda to a remote area for an extended time where a battery operated anything means so much!) These 4 ladies save lives every day.  One is a nurse with World Venture who went to bat for a 12 year old boy who was being starved, then got a cut in his foot, got Tetanus, and was dying an extremely horrible and painful death. She said she couldn't bear to watch an animal die that way, let alone a child she cared about.   She moved him to the one hospital that had a ventilator so he could get the pain relief he needed, then scoured Kampala for every bit of tetanus anti-toxin she could find and he now has a chance at life.  Remember these stories the next time you may be tempted to feel stress because your child isn't good at spelling.  Or can't be in 4 different activities at once.  Or you think your house is too small.  Or you wonder why people adopt a zillion kids.  167 million orphans.  I'm praying for 167 million advocates.  That would certainly lessen the load for those currently in the trenches every day.
Somebody is pretty crazy about their big brother.  I can hardly wait to see her with all her siblings who are going to go bonkers for her!
When Sebastian started playing some worship tunes tonight some girl groupies came out of nowhere and swooned over him.  I gave them the stink eye but they didn't go away.
Esther enjoyed the concert thoroughly with some extreme oral sensory delights.  
When I think of all the miracles God is doing it makes me want to strike some crazy victory pose.
And it makes Esther want to try some new dance moves with her big bro.
Happy Father of the Fatherless Day!


Raquel said...

Dang I love you.

We Are Family said...


thepaperroSe said...

so happy for Esther and your family. I got to spend time with Esther in March when I was at Sanyu for a missions trip! She is a precious little child of God! Praying for you and your family! God was saving her for you!!

Jenny said...

SPEECHLESS is so appropriate! Like Esther....sometimes there just are no words! Just those Holy Spirit communications!!

Raewyn said...

I am so enjoying living vicariously through your blog Jenny. Thanks so much for taking the time to share and all the wonderful photos. You are such a blessing yourself you know!

I must remember the 'stink eye' - over here it is often referred to as the 'evil eye' but whatever it is called I get the drift of motherly protectiveness towards a wonderful growing up gorgeous son :-)

Jenay said...

I'm loving your blog!!!! Reading the miracles is a true joy!!!!!

Sherry said...

My husband and I just left Uganda and loved on Ester a lot, she is a true gift from God. We are so excited she is going home soon...what a blessing can email us at sherpuck at gmail dot com, if you would like, would love to tell you a bit about our time with her..

Anonymous said...

V for vulnerable, vivacious and victorious!!! I am praising God for instilling all of these tributes in you!!! Love your V dance photo and your daughter dancing with your son!

Lisa in Michigan

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Jenny you are such a blessing. I've enjoyed these many years of reading your posts! Love you lots. Alida