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Monday, June 4, 2012

Embracing the beauty

God provides for everything!  Before we left to fly home some amazing volunteers promised to watch out for Esther for me.  Make sure she had a diaper put on her, that she didn't get bit or hit by some of the little wild childs, that she was cared for.  That made my heart happy!

The man above is Daniel.  Daniel had devoted himself to Esther since she was first brought in as an extremely malnourished child, unable to swallow, sit up, crawl, etc.  He never gave up working with her and praying for her to find a family.  When he met us the first thing he asked me was, "Are you Christians?" and when we told him we were he began praising God out loud and we all cried and prayed together.  I felt rightly rebuked as well when I told him we had a great Children's Hospital near by that could help her and he said, "What does that matter?  You have GOD!"

After spending too much money to sit in the heat and go no where in traffic, I've embraced the beauty of the cheap and quick boda.  And I got to experience my first boda collision before we left!  No biggie, no injuries, just another opportunity to take every thought captive!  I realized I kept getting a mental image of the atari video game "Frogger" from my youth every time I would hop on a boda and experience the dodging and weaving in and out of traffic.  I could almost hear the "SPLAT" of little frogger from the game.  So I started replacing the thought with dancing with Jesus in daisy fields.  I mentally check out of where I really am and go straight to my happy daisy Jesus-land!  Disassociation can be a gift!

For those parenting children with hard pasts who disassociate under stress and default to "freeze" in the fight/flight/freeze stress response....maybe love believing the best is just to think, "Well, they may be checking out in the natural....but I bet their spirit is just checking into a daisy field somewhere with Jesus for a dance session!" and then the vacant stare and lack of verbal response won't be nearly as disturbing right?!

So hard to say good-bye to baby girl but so good to know we are coming back in 3 short weeks!  I am looking at some fabulous chew toys for her, as she craves oral stimulation and puts everything in her mouth. I know we can upgrade from orphanage floor bugs and rocks!  Found some great sensory things that I know she is going to love!  Also found a sweet set of wheels for her that I would love to have for next trip as she is really too heavy for me to have on my back for long periods of time.  It's a special needs stroller that would make taking her around airports, appointments, streets of Kampala far easier!

The other children are already collecting everything they can to give their sister when she gets here!  They are thinking up all sorts of fundraisers, arguing over who gets to sit next to her at the table, and asking why she can't be home right. this. second.  There are so many miraculous stories of what has happened during her adoption process that I am not at liberty to share now, but once little Miss is home safe and sound I have some Jesus goodness coming right up to tell!

Coming home to the 14 other children last night was amazing.  The joy on their faces, the stories they told, the ecstasy over the gifts given, the hugs and kisses and's like we hadn't been apart but rather just celebrating on two different continents for a week.  The sweethearts that watched our children had such a good time they want to do it again!  I could make a full-time job of just falling down and thanking God!

And I thank Him for my husband Brad, the man who just lives in peace!  He brought peace and joy to so many in Uganda already!  Including me when the paperwork mountain felt like it was getting higher and higher (and I started to check out and stare at the sparkles in my toenail polish) he was there with pen in hand, getting all the details down with the lawyer and making his lists and checking them twice.  I used to pray God would balance my children I just pray He would bring them the opposite spouse someday!

Off to try experimenting with sleep in a new time zone!  Or maybe finish unpacking?  Or do toenails in the quiet while various children are squished around me here in bed?  Hmmmmm, so many choices!


Debbie said...

Welcome home. Esther also has an even larger prayer army to protect and care, as well as the volunteers. :)

Rikki said...

Love your updates and will try that daisies with Jesus technique next time I'm anxious in traffic.

Sodacoaster said...

I love you so much!!!

Deb said...

God bless Daniel... thank you Lord for this man who has stood in the gap advocating and caring for this one special daugther Esther. Thank you for a family that radiates love and acceptance for all children. Thank you for safe travels (relatively). May these three weeks pass by quickly as we all do whatever we can to pave the way... in thought, word,action, and lots of prayer. God, you are so good.

love said...

May God bless Daniel over and over for his faithful love to her and Him.

I love what you said about your husband. Matt and I never got to go together so I almost had to switch personalities while in Uganda. I channeled him. ; ) Would've loved him there with me and could see him list making and reigning me back in as I started to check out. Adding that prayer about opposites to the ones for my kids' marriages. =)