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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Connecting the Dots

I took the kids to the pool to unwind from garage sale goodness and as we left I had them wait for me while I went to get the great white beast, i.e. our 15 passenger van.  I spent several minutes sitting in the van looking for the keys as the air conditioner blasted and the radio played loudly.  Several minutes.  I did not connect the dots!  I wonder if heaven has DVD's of this stuff for amusement?!

A question mark followed by an exclamation point is my favorite punctuation because that is how God reveals Himself to me.  Like the disciples I find myself with one eyebrow raised going, "What?" and not knowing quite where we are going or what He is up to.....but then eventually comes the exclamation point, something beyond what I could have hoped to ask for.  Usually surprising regarding the circumstances at hand and revelatory in relation to His character.  He really is more kind than I know, more loving than I can wrap my head around, more beautiful and more creative and more joyful and more attentive and more glorious and more radiant and more and more and more.

All the mystery and ambiguity can tend to make a human uncomfortable at times though, so I think we often connect dots that aren't there.  We try to fill in gaps that are supposed to stay gaps and come up with all kinds of weird theologies.  We think we can judge other people's hearts and interpret their actions through our "connect the dots" formula and assign motives.

What if we stuck to connecting hearts instead?  Listening to the heartbeat of heaven and embracing the fiery love of Christ for us so that we can give what we have so freely received.  Engaging with the broken hearted ones all around us to be a conduit of healing and grace.  Really connecting with what's going on in our own hearts so we can be free from all shame, judgment, and fear and create a safe space for others to be their true selves.

Let's save the connect the dots game for those preschool workbooks.  If you choose to use them that is, and if you don't, no condemnation.  I mean, Esther's 6 and would only chew a pencil if I gave her one, so I'm pretty sure we have a workbook-free school year planned.  I can't believe we get to fly back to bring her HOME in 2 days!  Thank you to all who ridiculously blessed our family.  Your outrageous generosity bears a beautiful resemblance to your Father's.

Love, Jenny