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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All things bright and beautiful!

We have upgraded Esther's diet considerably.  She has lived on mostly starch, but the ketogenic diet is best for seizure control, which is basically all protein and good fats.  It doesn't even have to be that hard-core, even a modified Atkins diet has been shown to be helpful for kiddos with seizures, so we started with some Avocados.....

And Esther LOVES protein shakes!!!!!  She does usually end up spilling every time, but hey, how spoiled am I that nannies do her laundry here?!

Since we're talking about food.....I just had to throw that in because it makes me laugh. 

What probably makes other people laugh is how much I like things to match and be color coordinated.  It's in my Venezuelan DNA.  Venezuelans would seriously rather cut back on food than make-up.  When Hugo Chavez vowed to make Venezuela a world leader in the Miss Universe pageant and in soccer, those were the kind of political promises the country could really get behind. 

But God really humors me because I didn't even plan this, but Esther's special needs big girl stroller just so happens to MATCH.....

Our umbrella strollers back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian was busy with little boys jumping on him during the weekend but today he was with the babies.

And speaking of baby-like things....these oral sensory chew toys (and HOW HAPPY are the colors!) are the best thing I have ever bought for a child.  God just led me to them on amazon....I didn't really know what they were except that I knew Esther had a deep need to put things in her mouth and chew them and these looked like a good fit.  (or maybe I just picked them for their colors?)  But anyway, they are her favorite thing!

But after a while all that food, fresh air, and chewing gets exhausting and you just gotta crash!  


Sarah said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I have to tell you...I already LOVE your family! I love your love for Jesus, your love for one another and your love for all that God has created! Blessings on you as precious Esther joins your family!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Our Michael has one of those chew tubes. They use those with him in therapy as well. Of course until recently he never put ANYTHING EVER in his mouth. So we are encouraging him to put ANYTHING into his mouth :). They do look cute!! :)

And she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! So glad she has a family!!!!!